Sunday, May 27, 2007

It Ends Tonight

*pouts* today's the LAST day of my holiday :( so yea... what have i done in the span of 3 weeks?

WORK! told ya i have a room to myself :P
see the blind thingy?? it's the WINDOW lo!

Pins and Needles!

Happy Birthday Girlie! *muax*

working really drained me... the only time i had left to myself were the WEEKENDS! i had packed weekends.
The first was Cell and Momma's Day!

The 2nd... FAB FRIDAY!!
And my final weekend... ARE YOU LOUD ENUF?

*no pics were taken cause i was super busy during the event... and the official camera mans for the days have not posted up the pics... :P*

the music was.. KENG!
i had a lil problem enjoying the concert tho... cause me no know their songs *blushes* but i bet kawan had a great time! (rite kawan?)

the same band led worship yesterday. this time better cause they sang songs that we knew! :D and we warmed up to their songs the nite b4 ma ;)

that was my 3 weeks of hols! was it productive? i would say... YES!

but since i've not been resting enough thru out my hols... i shall go NAP now! :P