Friday, May 25, 2007


today i went with my neighbor (aka boss) to her children's kindergarTen (i always spelled it as kindergarDen... and i tot the "T" was a mistake done by others... mana tau!! now i'm convinced that i was the 1 in the wrong la.. *blushes* so to those of you that think as i thot... u've learnt something from Dot's blog today! :P)

we went there to get the children's report book. then the teachers told boss about her children's progress *ladilada* it was then that i noticed one file with my name on it! well not the exact same name la... but DOROTHY was written on it! (another DOT! :D) i thot to myself.. COOL! cause not many ppl have my name... it's UNIQUE! :P

then i was listening to the teacher... *ladilada* then i heard a voice call... DOROTHY... i turned... but in my heart i knew no one there knew my name la... cause i didnt have my usual neon-flash-lights sign with my name on it with me when i entered the kindergarTen :P

this happened quite a number of times... i was like IGNORE it!!! until the moment when my neighbor was talking to the 2nd teacher... another teacher sitting pretty near me... called loudly.. DOROTHY! this time i turned real quick! it was like a reflex kinda thing... but i nearly burst out in laughter (of embarrassment *blushes*) cause she wasnt calling ME! *shy* (it came to my mind again that she doesnt know my name! so the bio thingy bout reflexes is true! it says that when an action in a reflex... the impulse does NOT reach the brain... u know.. the you-will-take-your-hand-away-from-a-hot-pot thing... cause it only struck me that she doesnt know my name after i turned! THERE! you've learnt ANOTHER thing from Dot's blog today :P) (erm... all ye medical students... if the reflex-impulse thingy i wrote has mistakes... dont bother correcting it... SAVE ME SOME FACE LA! :P my bio karat-ed... *blushes*)

it was later that i realised who was the other Dorothy.... i was like.. hmm... do we look alike... i noticed the complexion la... she had fair skin like me! well... all thanks to POLLUTION and STRESS!!! my flawless fair skin is now blemished! NoOOoOOO!!! *wails till siemens vibrates* but it's obvious that I was the cuter kid la! *wakakakkaka* now i'm just BEAUTIFUL! *WAKAKAKAKAKA* (noticed the caps? :P)

so that was when DOROTHY met dorothy! :P
(now the question remains... will relive the legend created (and still in the progress) by THE DOT?? *teehee*)