Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting on My Nerves!!!

ARGH! this is so irritating! i totally HATE working with inefficient people!

i have officially finished all my archive work... so there's practically NOTHING left for me to do... besides regular courier work la... and a lil filing ere and there...


some jokers just had to come with nonsense!

this was the conversation...
she had the cheek to tell me that...
woman: "hehe.. when i file hoh... i also dunno how to file anymore cause the files are FULL..."
in my mind: "WHAT?? how much is siemens payin you by the way?? (whatever the ammount is.. siemens is WASTING it!) ever considered using a NEW file??"
woman: the file is labeled "For Year 2006/2007... but in this file hoh.. even got documents from 2002!!"
in my mind: then why didnt u take them out for ARCHIVE??? or.. why didnt you file them somewhere else???

*thru out the conversation... i just gave her the cold smile...*

i mean.. i understand you've got LOTS of work to do... which INCLUDES filing... if she used a lil of her brain juice to figure out how to make her filing life easier... she wouldnt have so MUCH to do!

now that the files are thicker than my thighs! of course they'll take up lots of time to redo them la!

i totally do not understand why ppl can be so 'smart'!
if i was boss... HA! they can start packing up! waste production time; waste company money!

worse of all... waste DOT's TIME!!! FAIL AR!!! and what more! on the day when my thumb is hurting! do you know how hard it is to work with a painful thumb??

i bet she could sense the coldness from me when she was tellin me what to do... well... i HOPE she DID! cause i dont waste my smiles on unproductive ppl that not only slows things down for themselves, but OTHERS too!

now u've seen the other side of Dot, the pissed off side! so better stay away when u decide to be inefficient and unproductive!

ish! i'm so happy that this is my 2nd last day!


thecw said...

'mo kam lou hei'
sayang sayang!

-dot- said...

hoiyo!!! today i'm feeling better la... i was soO upset cause my thumb was painful!!!

today it's still painful... but i'm in a good mood!! cause it's my LAST day!!! muahahahaha! then tonite got Resonance concert! cant wait! :D