Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who say?!

it's a stereotype that PRETTY girls like ME only go with good lookin guys... (wakakaka! major case of SSS :P)

well... i do have a soft spot for cuter guys la... like LEE HOM! *blushes* but hoh... i found out that i also like not so good lookin guys lo! as long as they have a voice that could melt even ROCKS (wat more my heart *teehee*) or play any instrument (the triangle n the clam thingy does NOT count ya! cause those are MY specialization -if there's such a word :P)

if can sing and play instuments... then... *blushes* :P

examples of such people will be Jay Chou and J J Lin!! how can 1 not fall in love with such talents? :P

but maxim not counted la... cause to me... he's WEIRD... he gives me the impression of an abusive individual...

wat's the point of this post? it's labelled RAMBLINGS... it's POINTLESS!! :P