Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fly High Up In The Sky!

championship record! i reached office before 9 today! i usually get to the office around 9.30-10... not my fault k... the boss of the department is my driver! *MUAHAHAHAHA* thank God they no know my blog :P

last 2 nite my hands "itched" so i go peel my toe nail... *pouts* then yesterday i wore my blue whatever-name-you-call-it shoes... and i walked quite a bit... now my toe bengkak!!! cause i peeled too deep *pouts* so today i wore flats :D

was toO sleepy this morning that i struggled to get up from bed... as a result.. i didnt get to change the cd... so MLTR's gonna teman me for another day! :D

they say that when one complains that music is too loud... then that person's gettin old... well... i am getting older when it comes to the numbers added to my age... but i'm starting to like songs that are not from the 80's and OLDER! hmm... must have been the exposure i had from my sweeties!

it's muscle building time! with that i mean ARCHIVING! heavy files they are! :S

stay tuned for more ramblings of the DOT =)