Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walking with GIANTS!

*looks up and go oOoOOOOoooOohhh*

Siemens is now filled with kuai loS cause they're having some meeting la...
i just got into the eleveator with 2 of them... and the expression above was the exact 1 that i gave when i saw them! they are soO tall!!! i'm barely at their shoulders! (i'm not short k! my height happens to within the average height of asian women :P) but i didnt OOOH so loudly la... *blushes*

makes me wonder... out of so many kuai los y no good looking ones?

guess the good looking ones are all in Hollywood *pouts* :P

and 1 more thing... i think i'm gettin FATTER!!!

this is soO not happening!!! usually i'll bloat (tummy area) when i go to a new environment... so i'm hoping real hard that the bloating's caused by the environment i'm in!!!
i used to think that i should gain some flesh around my arms... best is my wrist la...(cause i've got a iny wrist) BUT!!! i dont think so now! i'm perfectly happy with my all skin and bones physic and my very thin legs!(speaking of that... i kinda think my thighs are getting fatter toO!!!! i soO hope i'm just SEEING THINGS! :S)

this calls for sit ups! but i cant do it... cause i get all giddy when i go down and up... :(



Anonymous said...

just eat less n do squats