Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Glorious Food my Favourite Food!!! (well actually i like eating la... so... i've got lotsa food that i like... and this is only one of them :D)


i was starving this morning cause i didnt get a bite for breakfast (i was toO reluctant to get up from bed :P)

now i'm sitting at another workstation (no.. not cause i got kicked out of my room...) cause i'm an EFFICIENT worker! i finished all my work... i'm collecting free money again! (but i still rather stay home... at least let me sleep a lil while longer la... :P) hehehe! actually there's this colleague that needs my help... but i couldnt access the drive that contains her files... so TOO BAD!! *muahahahahaha*

i wanna buy a ring la.. those big ones that cover a big portion of the finger... but ar... my finger too slim d... hard to find size... :( after my working days... it's FLEA MARKET HOPPIN TIME!!! :D

noticed the colored word? things pop into my mind as i type.. things to be on my wishlist... so i shall highlight them... and compile them when the time is right *muahahaha*

that's all for now... i wanna go back to my room!!! me no likee ere... no privacy... :(

(now i'm soO free... but later when the archiving tools come... i DIE!!! *pouts* BUT!! i'm gonna savor the free time i have now... by NOT doin anything!!! *woohoo*)