Monday, May 14, 2007


The aircon of my office suddenly decided to work today!!!! my room's no longer cozy :( thank God i wore jeans... if i wore my brown pants... DIE! i would have been in an ice cube when my neighbor says "Lets go home" :P

this is an obviously wu liao post... cause i finished my work... but my boss aint ready to go home... so i'm sitting ere collecting FREE money! but i rather sit at home la! ish!!! later must go thru the jam again... Dear God, pls let there be no more jam when i go Jesus' name i pray, amen!

today got more ppl talk to me! i'm at a serious case of LOA k... *sobb sobb* (LOA= Lack Of Attention :P) today i got F4 to teman me at work! (yes, i like boy bands! and there's nothing u can do about it! :P) tomorrow i shall bring Michael Learns to Rock :D and Planet Shakers (but my planet shakers cd super outdated la... *hint hint* i wont mind a burnt version *HINT* :P)

i'm thinkin of my birthday wishlist already *teehee* (wat to do... i'm BORED! :P)

i wanna go HOME!!!! *argh* (as i type.. the uncle sitting with me is speakin in German! cool le??? actually not really.. cause i dont understand *blushes*)

i need someone to talk to!!!! my quota of speech not met la! i can die! i shall go home and bug my popo! *teehee*

anybody got a question for me??? i'm wondering why nobody comments in my blog... it's so depressing! chatbox oso nobody use... then wat's the point of you peeps reading my blog ar? no response 1? it's like talking to a dead crowd!!! *HMPH*

dont wanna type d la!


sabrina=) said...

ai yor...nothingt o say then dont need to leave any comment lo... mine oso I update up no point oso what i dont have any any any comment!

-dot- said...

urs cause must have an account to comment ma... i commented twice.. den only realise must have multiply account...