Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Believe

The road before me seems long and bumpy,
But i know You're walking right beside me;
You promised to never ever forsake me,
Whenever i fall You are there to catch me.

You held me tight when i was trembling,
You spoke the word and the shadows went fleeing;
Your voice was thunderous when You spoke with authority,
Yet it was Your still small voice that comforted me.

Again and again i felt unworthy,
It's been a Zillion times that I have failed Thee;
With my mortal strength i tried to stand,
Only to prove that i'm a foolish (wo)man.

I thank You Lord for Your mercy and grace,
From my failures You never hid Your face;
No matter how bad i've messed things up,
You'll reach out and say "My child get up."

Can somebody please knock me in the head?
So i can learn to live by faith;
It is time to bury my doubts,
For You've brought me through seasons of droughts.

Dear Lord,
Give me faith the size of a mustard's seed,
That is all I'll ever need;
Because You love me, You died for me,
Because i love Thee, I choose to BELIEVE.