Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Morn, Stronger

hey hey! i was sorting thru the stack of papers in my room... and i found this! something i wrote when i had LOTS of datelines catching up on me... it was a Sunday.. and today also Sunday.. so ere it is :D

-Sunday Morn, Stronger-

Waking up on a Sunday morn,
Feeling thankful of the day i was born;
Breathing in air that refreshes me,
Got lotsa work but i'm feeling free. =)

Had a flashback of happenings last week,
Emotionally down, i felt real weak;
Nevertheless Your grace was true,
You took my hand and saw me through.

Rays of sunlight touched my face,
I'm a testimony of Your mercy and grace.
My wounds are healed, they hurt no longer,
Thanks to You, now i am STRONGER!