Sunday, May 13, 2007

Savoring the Weekends!

1. It's Saturday and Sunday
this means i DONT have to work!!!! *3 cheers- hip hip hooray*

2. I can sleep till WHENEVER i want!!
this made me rush a lil when i got the msg that manda was coming to pick me up half an hour earlier than scheduled time *yikes* but i MANAGED :D

3. Popo's in town!!!!
my beloved is here now and i can tell her all that i've been through for the past monthS! i just finished whining to her bout my work! well... altho she cant help much, but she ALWAYS on my side! yup! she spoiled me.. but hey! i aint complaining :P

4. I am ME again!
but with a lil extras la... i'm super hyper!! my cell members say that i must have banged my head against something... *lalala* but i'm doin the things i like!!! went to church to make phone calls for F.A.B Nite and discussed with Sarah Ann for the games... she's the woman!!! she gave all the ideas! *teehee* aiyo... gimme a break la.. i can only execute and improvise... i cant be the mastermind 1... (doik! does that mean i cant be a leader?? *pouts*) saying that... it means i will have to execute the games we planned lo... stress... but EXCITING!!! i cant wait till next Friday! *bright smiles*

5. I'm around people that i like! and not to mention my age!! :P
hehe... fine la... ppl in Siemens arent all that bad la... they are treating me nicer... *i hope*

hmm... what else?? oh! i just realised i can plan!! but emofying things la... like GRADUATION!! it's so weird that i'm already imagining how my graduation day will be like! NOOOOO!!! i dont want it to come so soon... i dont wanna enter the WILD so soon!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

but yes! i'm savoring every bit of the weekends!

and yes! the quote of the day: I'm single and ready to mingle! (hehe.. got it from daniel... tot it was rather cute cause "single and available" is soO yesterday!)
i will try to get quotes everyday... i'll TRY la... :P