Friday, May 11, 2007


Emofying days are over! Did i quit?? neh... actually i'm bloggin from my office!!! (shh... dont tell my boss :P) Speaking about my office... MUAHAHAHAHA! i've got a room (it's NOT the printing room) i share it with a kuai lo (German to be exact) He's a cute uncle... talks to me when he's bored... i so wanna take a pic of my office and show u guys... but... my boss told me to becareful with my belongings cause they had cases of missing PDA phones... and CAMERAS! so how le?? i'll try la k! ;)
and yes! i'm working with a notebook (me no likee notebooks... always have typo 1... ish!)

but what's best is.... i can bring MY BOYS to work!!!!

Boys?? What boys?? welll...... who else?

Leez is correct, i like them... and i'm PROUD of it!!! :P
Listening to their songs gives me the LUMZ feeling all the time! *blushes*
now playin on my media player: I'll be there for you *so loves*
and as i went thru the pictures left in the laptop, i came across this 2...

this is soO cute! reminds me of my PIGGY frens!*muax*

and this is just the ideal escape for me...

(aiyo! i'm alread thinking bout my honeymoon!!*slaps self*)

and finally, a thot that came to me...

i dont wanna be no angel....

cause angels are created only to worship Him... (it's all they do cause they have NO choice)

I wanna worship Him, i choose to worship Him bacause i LOVE Him =)