Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wish You Were Here

We're miles apart in different cities,
Working day and night to excel in our studies;
Sometimes at night i cry like a baby,
Wishing you will appear right beside me.
Admist my friends i seem to forget you,
But once the laughters die down, my mind searches for you;
How long will this torment last my dear?
Upon this star i wish, wish you were here...
Emo or not??? Loves or not? Maybe i should send these stuffs i wrote to Hallmark like what Adam Sandler did in Mr. Deeds :D but of course... reality check... these are all amatuer works... *blushes* :P
SEE!!! this is what i meant when i said i couldnt concentrate in studyin!!! (i wrote this when i was goin thru the last 7 pages of my macro book... i couldnt even finish SEVEN pages!!!) HELP ME!!! tomorrow's anthropology paper... and it's 9.30 now.. i havent even TOUCHED my notes!!!! *slaps self*
i better go now! ciaoz!
(whoa! geram man! i dont know why when i leave a space for each paragraph i write... it'll come out all stucked together!! so now must use different colors! -.-")