Tuesday, May 01, 2007


*ahem* let me rephrase that... i HATE reading about money!!!

aihz... to my friends... if i ever told you macro was easy to score... i TAKE IT BACK!!! see... for it to be easy to score... i must 1st UNDERSTAND what i'm reading to actually DO the test rite??? but me no understand!! *sobb sobb* can you imagine reading each line of a 15 page chapter THREE times???? i cant seem to concentrate anymore!! *sobb sobb sobb* i can stare at the words... and start singing! somebody SLAP ME!!

today's revision was exceptionally emo-fyin... cause i was home ALONE... without my HANDPHONE!!! (it rhymes :D) i had no one to talk to... all i could do was talk to Him... it did help... cause if i just bottled my emo-ness up... i would have stabbed any living thing that crossed my path *MUAHAHAHAHAHA* oops! got too carried away :P

dad came home bout 10 or 11 (SEE!!! i'm so burried by books that i even forgot bout TIME! :( ) and i with my very manja-ness... i went... "PA... i'm goin CRAZY!!! i didnt have any1 to talk to!!!" then he said... "ya.. and no hp to play with rite??" so he gave me his hp and said "NAH... Faster sms ur fren..." *bright smiles* DADDY LOVES ME!

so i msgd em to whine :D
and she called me! *teehee* we had a short convo over the phone... den we decided to do what we do BEST! SNACK!!! *muahahahaha* (that was before 12... now as i type... my stomach is calling out again... FEED ME FEED ME!!! :D)

i cooled down for awhile... and continued studyin... AIH... page by page i conquered... the clock strucked 12.30 am... FINALLY!!! 1 chapter down for the day!!! *woOOooHoOoOooo*

3 chaps down for Macro, 1 more to go... and a COMPLETE revision of all 4 chaps... AND LOTS of idioms to memorize for my English paper... AND to read up for ANTHROPOLOGY!!!!

but as DOT said... "if u think u can, u CAN!" so... YES, I CAN!!! (God, PLEASE HELP ME!!!)