Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Handicapped!!! *yikes*

As mentioned in the previous post... mommy went to Ipoh... ALONE!!! somehow i have this thing bout my parents travelling long distance or late at nights... see... they are not getting any younger and our society is getting worse! (of course i know angels are with them as they travel... but precautions have to be taken ma...)

so... i decided to let mommy use my hp (i contemplated for MANY hours k) it's not an easy decision... cause now i feel part of me's MISSING!!!

but then again... i can hear mommy's voice and know she's safe... so 3 days without a hp is worth it after all! (and since i'll be stucked at home... burried in books... I WILL SURVIVE!!! :D)

for those of you that miss me soO much... you can reach me via my house phone or my daddy's hp! if you dont have both numbers... fret not! Just contact the ppl listed below:-
  1. my bestie
  2. my cell leader
  3. Yue
  4. Karen
  5. Joy, or
  6. Chemmy

if you dont have any of their contact number(s)... there's only ONE possibility... you're not YET in my circle of friends... so you wait till i get my hp back then only call or msg me la or you can drop a msg here :D

till then... DONT MISS ME! *muax*