Monday, April 30, 2007

PoisonVille *oops*

today the TANs went to KL to send mommy Tan off to Ipoh (i'll miss my mommy!! :'( )

and it is today that i realised i've taken my acting skills to the next level!! *muahahaha*

In sequence, i had raw fish and porridge for breakfast; after droppin mom off at the bus station, went with daddy Tan to Citibank to settle his credit card stuffs (PRAISE THE LORD daddy cleared all his card bills! =) ) in the course of waiting for daddy, ah-boy Tan and ah-girl Tan (aka ME) went to San Francisco Coffee to drink... COFFEE la... :P bro paid! *muahahaha* so yes... i had ice blended mocha... usually u can chew the ice chips in the drink... BUT!!! the one from SFC... only had ice POWDER!!! it was pathetic! so my advice... drink Starbucks! *wakakaka* (Starbucks should pay me for this! :P)

anyways... i have a history of stomach discomfort after drinkin coffee... (looking at the title of this post and what i've just mentioned.... can u see where's this leading to?? *blushes*)

i shall leave the conclusion to you peeps la! if u want the full and detailed version of this story.. come ask me when u see me la! but prepare to be grossed out! :P