Monday, June 18, 2007


ai yai yai! this was the FIRST for me!

after makaning and window shoppin... *pouts* i almost got a pair of shoes!!! but mom said the heels were to high.. and they were too pointy... den they ran out of stock for the not-so-high-heel ones... *DOUBLE pout*


we were all tired.. i was starting to cough cause my throat was dry... so we decided to head home!


the elevator came... *cheng cheng*

i bet 25 ppl were in that elevator! but my family just had to SQUEEZE in!!

can u see where this' leading to???

so takkan i alone take the stairs rite?
being skeptical as i was... i said "CAN MEH??" (simultaneously i stepped with ONE foot into the elevator) and...


oh the shy-ness!!! *blushes*

finally daddy and mommy came out from the elevator to teman me walk the stairs :D
but my tak guna punya brother siok siok take the elevator and waited by the door of the staircase JUST to laugh at me! ISH!!!