Sunday, June 17, 2007

3 Little Words =)

It's Daddy's Day! So the Tans decided to do wat we do best... MAKAN! :D

On our journey to Pyramid =)

erm... i wont tell you where we went la.. cause dont wanna do free advert for them :P

hehe! this was our appetizer... the one that gave us the o.O look

cause we no know how to eat it! *blushes*

erm.. ko.. that aint the way to eat it la.. u're supposed to SHARE! BROTHERS! :P

so the ever-so-brave Dot took the 1st bite of the bread :D (was just living up to the legacy of the DARING DOTS! *fond memories* =) )

the bread was soft.. and the yellow thingy in the lil cup is actually garlic butter la :P


Grilled Lamb Chop (mine)

Fats never taste BETTER! *drools*

something Rib-Eye (ko ko's)

it looked nice like that... but in the middle of the meal... his plate looked kinda BLOODY *yucks*

Boneless Ribs something & Tony's Sirloin <-- there u go! a HINT to where we went :P (daddy's)

and his pineapple drink thingy :D

Like all mothers... mommy was afraid the bill would be toO heavy on ko ko and i... so she got

Ceaser's Dinner Salad (which we all nibbled from)

If ALL vege was this good... i soO wont mind being a vegetarian :P

Last but not least, our out-of-proportion-to-the-plate piece of Cheese Cake

okay... enuf of the FOOOOD... it's time to show u the pigs!


*oops* do excuse the keganasan :P

MAN of the hour!! My Daddy!

so cute rite?? the waitress put the bib on for him!
but they very the unfair 1.. cause i DIDNT get a bib *pouts* :P

^up there in the pic! another HINT of where we went :P

Mommy and Ko Ko werent very into my cam whoring spree so no more pics of them *boo hoo*

Lovee moments ahead =)

To all the Daddy's and Father figures out there...


Something that reminds me of You...

He knows my name,

He knows my every thot,

He sees each tear that falls,

And He hears me when I call... =)

Happy Father's Day Abba!