Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm on DRUGS!!!

I didnt mean to do such things...

but but.. i just HAVE TO!!!

i.. i...

I HATE medicine!!! (sobb sobb)
p/s: DRUG DEALER JO, this is the antibiotic i was talking about :D told ya it starts with an O *blushes*
i love Kleenex!
there's a difference to it and other brands of tissue paper
it's SOFTER!!! :)
yup... the Dot's down with Flu... because of that...
i couldnt PIG like i used to...
i couldnt be as bubbly as i used to...
i couldnt talk as i used to... (i need a HUG!)
i couldnt go to LAGOON with my cellies!!! :(
speaking of that!!! peeps! DONT GO TO SUNWAY LAGOON! (EAT THIS Sunway management! this is for causing the injury of my bestie!)
see... the entry ticket's RM 45 / 46 (couldnt remember)
just when u think that's A LOT!!! u're not allowed to bring food.. (that's understandable...) and WATER!!! now that's NONSENSICAL! what's worse... mineral water sold in the lagoon is... RM 3 per bottle! (a burger and some fries = RM 7.90)
TOO MUCH rite???
then for some reason... ther werent allowed to wear slippers! which gave my bestie a SPLINTER!!!
tak guna punya tempat!
so peeps, remember this ya... if u wanna have fun... DONT consider Sunway Lagoon k!
sidetracking a lil...

My popo's leaving TODAY!!! :(

(pic was taken when popo was napping :D shhh!)

just finished saying our goodbyes... gosh! MUST NOT cry!!!

more unrelated stories...

my blada came back from pulau perhentian... he got a LOVE BITE from a sea CREATURE!!

-.- mermaids only exist in FAIRYTALES la!

he got bitten by a FISH!

poor ko ko!

(yup! that's my finger beside his wound.. just to show how big the BITE was :P)


jokoo said...

it's a good thing it isn't oxytocin!!! hehehehehe if not you'll be a cow by now.... kekekeke

yup,.... don't go to lagoon if you can tahan. Gotta find another place desa water park?? my dad said it was good. hehehe..... next time we go there k dot? for your 21st birthday k? hehehe

get well soon!

(you bro got bitten by a fish??? ...-_-")

-dot- said...

hmm.. my 21st bday?? i bet u'd be calling me from Aussie... sitting there by the beach and drooling over the HUNKS! *pouts* :P

i'll be well! :)

yes! poor fella tot he found his true love.. mana tau was a fish! :P