Saturday, June 02, 2007

Eat THIS Smucker!

*ahem* put your hands together to welcome your CHEF OF THE DAY.... ms... DOT! :D

hehe! today we'll learn to make PEANUT BUTTER! *yummy*

step 1: Fry the peanuts WITHOUT oil... meaning... put the peanuts into the frying pan... turn on the stove... and keep stirring (u dont want charcoal-fied nuts :P)

step 2: crush the peanuts with your hands to remove the skin

step 3: sieve (tell me.. how many of you actually knew the correct spelling of this word before reading it here? :P) the peanuts to rid the skin.

oops! i forgot to tell you the ingredients *blushes* so ya... ere they are... icing sugar, margArine (YES! this is how u spell it) and the fried-skinned peanuts. erm.. for the measurements... i also not sure... cause my SIFU always tells me... AGAK-AGAK LO! ><"

ah yes... this is my BEAUTIFUL assistant (must say beautiful la.. cause this is where i got my angel-like looks from! *WAKAKAKAKAKA*)
step 4: AGAK ur measurements... pour them all into the blender...

cont of step 4: ...dont forget the peanuts...

MORE cont of step 4 :P : now... BLEND! :D (you mite wanna add a lil salt for flavouring)

(erm... the color of the peanut butter looks a lil... erm... WEIRD...)

BUT!!! check out the RESULTS!!!

there you have it!
DOT's CHOICE! - homemade peanut butter :D

(erm... to those of you that noticed the third hand... erm... it belongs to my beautiful assistant... she's camera-shy :P)

tune in next week for MORE of our home made recipes! (this is when YOU CLAP!)