Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Ends of the East

Cousin bro came back from S'pore and invited us for dinner! last week i missed 1 family dinner which had LOTS of CRABS invoived!!! this week i've learnt my lesson... so i tagged along! :P

dinner was at KL...
so we took the mom and daughter signature pic! smiles! =)
(excuse the over-sized sun glasses... they're dad's.. the evening sun was too glaring! :P)
check out this KENG CHOW parking!
the restaurant was at some ULU part of KL!!! one small lil shop in a row of small lil shops! parking spots behind the shops were filled... all we found was this steep area...
we were in the car when daddy the first part of this parking... it felt as if the car was gonna overturn!! so we decided to let daddy do the hardwork :P

Mr. Tan


while waiting for my relatives... i spotted this!

i guess the otak of an UDANG with such a BIG head wouldn't be that bad rite? :P

that was the zoomed-to-the-max version..

this' the actual view of the lobster from where i was sitting... i bet it's bigger than my face!

after an HOUR that seemed FOREVER!!! my relatives came... and it's time to HEI CHOI! (serve food)

dish #1 salad fish head

(I will so treat you to the restaurant of your dreams if u can SPOT THE FISH HEAD)

p/s: all dishes will be in the DIRECT translation of chinese

dish #2 8 Treasure Duck

dish # 3 Mixed Vege

dish #4 Mushrooms and Sea Cucumber

dish #5 Fried Taufu with sauce (the sauce is SUPER YUMMY!!)

dish #6 Fried Spinach

I'm strong to the finish cause i eats me Spinach i'm Dot Dot the Dotty DOT! :P

dish #7 Burnt Cantonese Kuey Teow

enuf of belly busters! it's time to show the belly-s!

from left: bro, dad, mom

L-R: Uncle, Aunt, Cousin

L-R: Godma and Grandma


(well someone had to take a pic of me... :P)

the shop may have been small... the table cloths may have been SUPER TORN!!! and the presentation of the food may have looked-- yerr.. BUT!!! the food was... *drools*
the chef of this shop totally brought Chinese food to another level!