Saturday, June 23, 2007

need... MORE... DRUGS!!!

my DRUGS aint working!!!

my nose's still FLOWING!!!

i cant find anything that rhymes with drugs besides RUGS... so NEVERMIND!!!

now i'm starting to understand why people that need to take medication cause their lives depend on it DREAD taking medicine... cause the process of downing pills is HORRIBLE!!!

unpro pill down-ers like me... have do swallow pill by pill 1... and my drug dealer gave me drugs which i have to take 2 tablets twice a day! that means i have to take two GULPS of water to swallow the pills... then my mouth will feel tasteless... *sobb sobb*

to make things worse... i'm not fully recovered!

i'm coughing my lungs out! cause genius me go tell my drug dealer that i'm not coughing (well i wasnt at the time i saw him... he took my word for it and didnt give me any drug to relieve my cough! -.-)

so now i'm into chinese drugs! they are bitter k!!! they come in tiny lil pills... in a bottle.. there are LOTS of tiny lil pills... and i've gotta down them all!!! the pics u saw in the previous post was the DRAMATIC version of me taking my drugs la... :P i did a mistake by pouring toO much tiny pills into my mouth... hence the *yuck* pic :P

hehe! yet another wu liao post! :P