Friday, June 22, 2007

10 Reasons Why Committing Suicide is Stupid

In respect of my readers that found pictures of me "suiciding" disturbing, i have decided to edit this post. Leonardo DOT Vinci strikes BACK! :P

#1 It's WRONG!
-it's in the Bible that in the 10 Commandments, "Thou (You) shall NOT murder" it means you and i cant commit any form of murder; suicide is SELF MURDERING... so it's WRONG!
if this^ doesnt convince you... keep reading... #2 It's nerve-wrecking
-it's difficult to choose your medium of death (e.g. the rope/the pills/the knife/the 15th floor)
#3 It's Brain-straining
-after all the choosing... you've gotta plan your death... u mite wanna have a plan B if the initial rope SNAPS! u need to consider things like... how will i look when they find my body? what should i wear? Where will they bury me? Should i leave them with my best pic (for my tombstone...)? #4 It's time consuming
-think about it! what if the first cut over your wrist isnt deep enough and the blood flows too slow... a bit the POTONG STIM rite?? or what if u cant get the right knot; it keeps untying!! JUST WHEN you think all of these can be overcome by jumping off the 15th floor... WHAT IF the lift's OUT OF ORDER? take the stairs??? ALL THE BEST WALKING!

#5 It hurts!

-WARNING to those of you that cant even take a PAPER CUT... u are soO NOT a suicide candidate. Pills mite seem the PERFECT choice ere... BUT!!! BITTER LE! drink acid? before it kills you.. u BURN like MAD!!! detergent? which part of BITTER do u NOT UNDERSTAND? Free fall of the 15th floor?... err... NEED I SAY MORE?


-how could u not consider this? what if they find u hanging on the rope with your mouth wide open and with saliva DRIPPIN ALL OVER!! EEEW! or what if you forgot to relieve yourself before jumping off the 15th floor... and u got too scared while u are at the 11th floor... and they found u with your PANTS WET!

still NOT convincing enough? well... i understand.. the world is kinda topsy turvy... ppl are hurting EVERYDAY! just when u think suicide is an escape...

#7 You WONT be happier

-remember reason #1? according to the Bible, u BURN in HELL! <--- this is SERIOUS stuff k!that's if u succeed in killing yourself... what if you DONT? strangling yourself mite cause your brains to be lacked of oxygen for toO long... causing your brains to DIE! leaving u in a VEGETATIVE STATE! and what if u thot the 10th floor would be enuf cause u were toO LAZY to walk more stairs... u end up breaking your back bone... u are ALSO in a VEGETATIVE STATE! and you get BED SORES!!! HAPPY NOW?

#8 You DONT want to be forgotten
-see.. before one decides to commit suicide... the individual would have been in depression... isolating him/herself from the world... that means... you no longer leave an impression in people's mind... and people ACTUALLY commit suicide cause their depression symptoms ARENT NOTICED... so what makes you think that after u kill yourself... people will miss you? you were missing from their minds at a point of time anyways...

#9 You DONT wanna die UGLY

-erm... with your brains splattered EVERYWHERE... with your guts hanging out in the open... with your SHINY LOCKS drenched in BLOOD? u go figure!

ULTIMATELY... the FINAL reason to why committing suicide is STUPID...

#10 It's STUPID!!!!

-it's soO stupid that after u found yourself dead (in your spirit)... you would wanna kill yourself AGAIN! but that would be IMPOSSIBLE cause u are DEAD!or if u dont die... and are left in a VEGETATIVE STATE... u'd wish u were DEAD!



there's NO situation in this world that you cant overcome! there's ALWAYS a way out!

speak up! DONT give hints of your depression! SPEAK UP! talk to someone! a COUNSELLOR if all your friends are USELESS!