Thursday, June 21, 2007


ah! makes me so wanna slap him each time he says it!

to those of you that dont know who i'm talking about...
he's none other than the *drum rolls* ham-sap-looking judge of So You Think You Can Dance
*drum rolls continue*

(i tried searching for his pic thru the net so u all can get a CLEARER picture of him.. but apparently he AINT that famous la.. sowee!)
okay... enuf limelight given to him ere... now back to ME! ur . !
i voted for Brancy!!! :D
altho i once said that i like Sue... but i guess the whole M'sia's voting for her la... so...
it's time for the underdog to RISE UP! ;)
In my opinion... Brancy did a really good job! she chose a song i LIKE! :P
apart from that.. could feel her emotions when she danced :D
so yes... 50 cents... and watdaya know! Brancy's in the FINALIST!!! *woohoo!!!* well.. poor Noor... she's good too... but... i felt Brancy lo... maybe it was the SONG la :P
sadly i cant watch the finals.. cause it will be on FRIDAY! -.-" but i can always watch the REPLAY :D
to all the finalist... give Malaysia your 300% CANTIK-ness next Friday k! *cheers*


~Leez~ said...

oh goodness. i noticed the cantik-ness too.

it's like the malay judge in Malaysian Idol... he always said "you are a superstar/superduperstar" =.=

i want Dennis to win.. cos... he's the only one who didn't do Contemporary. Contemporary shouldn't be a dance category. Gosh. That's like... 90% emotion and 10% choreography.

anyhoo i can't even vote cos my dad barred the phone from smsing to these kinda things. le sigh.

-dot- said...

aww... CALL la! *wakakakakka* ur dad's so gonna kill me! :P
eh.. the rest that did contemporary was good wat... besides Sue la.. her's was... i find her dance steps very too-much-to-the-FLOOR! she's always moving around like a bull! it's no wonder the judges say they like her ENERGY la! :P :P