Thursday, July 05, 2007

American Day

hehe! as lame as it sounds... it was pretty fun!
The Day was held by the Gen Psyc students (not me.. but so to speak my JUNIORS! :P)

i am still a lil confused cause my lecturer told me it's American Day but the posters i saw showed ADP Day... both sound equally lame... so.. we shall stick to American Day la k! :P

back to about The Day...

since it was a project by the Gen Psyc students... they set up booths that had something to do with Psychology lo!

booths i visited (which are like most of them...) include

1. the IQ cum Romantic cum Eye-Brain Coordination Test booth
guess all of u would know what an IQ and Romantic test would be like... the Eye-Brain coordination one is a list of colors which are written as follow: red, blue, black... i guess it's a list of 15 colors... the test is that the participant says the font color instead of the word.
now for the BANGGA-FIED moment!!! the Dot managed to hold a record of completing the list in FOUR seconds!!!! *all hail the reigning champion!!!* MUAHAHAHAHHA!

2. the 5 senses booth
we had to test how keng were our 5 senses la.. just in case u all dont know what they are... it's our SIGHT, SOUND, TASTE, TOUCH and SMELL. erm.. correctly guessed objects will fetch the participants higher points... to be eligible for a chance to draw an "ang pau" (their gift), the participant need 20 pts and above.
more BANGGA-FIED moments!!! the Dot got 24 pts!!! *teehee* but but but... the ang pau i drew only had RM 1 in it! ISH! but it was fun anyways :D
1 downside of the booth... the students organizing the activity spoke to us in CHINESE! well... i understood her.. BUT STILL!!! it's AMERICAN day! and if u are an ADP student, doing a CLASS project... it would only be good if you speak like one.. dont need the slang la.. but at least speak ENGLISH! (altho ENGL-ish isnt exactly from America... :P)

3. the Illusion booth
this was just an eye opener to some of the optical illusions available (i bet they got their examples from forwarded emails! :P)

4. the American Food booth
ha! Hotdogs... fries... Sandwiches... u name it they had it la!
but doesnt this make u wonder what's food gotta do with Psychology?? that was exactly what i asked them..
well.. now thinkin back... there IS! cause food well actually hunger is a DRIVE, a PRIMARY drive to be exact. ppl.. animals do things to get food... it's a LONG story la.. me aint gonna write an essay ere.. so if u wanna know... go to the LIBRARY! or u can knock urself out with the internet :P

5. the Memory booth
there were i think 5 stages at this booth... if u fail one, u cant proceed to the next stage...
stage 1. memorize "a flea and a fly flew up in a flue" (i can still remember it!!! *BANGGA-FIED* :P)
stage 2. memorize stationary
stage 3. (where i failed *pouts*) memorize shapes and its colors
but they were kind enuf to let me continue! :D so...
stage 4! memorize cards and it's flower? pattern? err... u know la... the spade.. diamond.. hearts or clubs thingy.. (i missed 4! *yikes*)
stage 5. had to answer 5 IQ questions.. (i failed at Q3... something about where to bury SURVIVORS... i answered where.. and they told me.. u DONT bury SURVIVORS! *super blushes!*)
finally... recite "a flea and a fly flew up in a flue" :D (they wanna prove some Long Term Memory thingy..)
my faked (cause i was kindly allowed to proceed to the next stage even after failing the 3rd :P) score showed that my memory was ABOVE AVERAGE!!! BANGGA-FIED!! even if it's faked! :P

6. the Coffee and Dreams Interperation booth
well... coffee is an American culture alrite... but wat link has it with DREAMS?? now this i dont know... i only took the coffee :D

7. the colors booth
those that link your fav color to ur personality... but participants had to STAND and listen to the presentation... WASTE OF TIME!!! (got plenty of such things on TICKLE la :P)

8. the booth which i cant remember what's it for...
it's the 1 yue and sab went to... which i didnt :P

9. the OUT OF PLACE booth! well it's the TAROT card reading booth
they were the 1st to approach me... but... WHAT??? since when has witch craft got ANYTHING to do with PSCHOLOGY? i aint gonna let a few cards tell me what the future holds for me...
my future's in His hands! :D

that was all that was on the 1st floor....

they screened Boys Dont Cry (a movie that portrayed some psychological symptoms..) on the 10th floor.. but it seemed like a bore... so me no stay to watch.. :P

on the 4th floor... they had some medical check up thingy.. which was FREAKY!! through the camera thingy that showed me how my capilaries looked like... i saw BUBBLES under my skin!!!! he said i have problems... *ladilada* actually... he told EVERYONE they had problems... like DUH!!! but yea... must control my diet... dont wanna suffer from diabetes and hypertension when i'm 30! :D

on the 6th floor... haha! stephenie chai and hannah lo came to my college to give do a talk show thingy for Bausch and Lomb HOWEVER u spell the brand... pretty faces they are.. but nothing much there..

that was the AMERICAN DAY!! *God Bless America!*