Tuesday, July 03, 2007


went to KLIA yesterday to send Xanna off to Tasmania, Australia... (i always liked that place... i mean KLIA, not Tasmania.. but i'd love to go there too! :P ok! back to being EMO)

i never cried there cause... NO ONE cried! :P

yesterday... somehow... tears formed in my eyes when i saw Xanna holding back her tears... (with a red nose) had to fan my eyes dry!

Yi-Ki once said it's a psychological thingy which girls are more prone of having.. cant remember wat's the term... (i'm just a newbie to all the psych terms... so havent come across this term :P) but it says that people with this syndrome/condition cries upon seeing others cry... guess i have it

all the crying and goodbyes just led me to think... what if i had to leave too?? (that would be a long more way to go la.. so i went on to think of something that's not so far away...)

i always wished for Septembers to come... but this year...

How would i react when it's kawan's and my bestie's turn to leave???
KLIA will so flood!!!

*sigh* i wish time would stop!!!

i DONT like KLIA anymore!!!