Thursday, July 26, 2007

Calling ALL Yum Cha Kaki(s)

the Dot is FREEE!!!!
so lets go drink TEA!!! (eh.. not bad ar.. it rhymed! :P)
exams are over! in my opinion i did my best la... so the rest i leave to God! :D

and i know i'm guilty of missing all the yum cha sessions with u girls... now i'm ALL YOURS!**

**terms and conditions applied :P

i should be bloggin... cause it's been ages since i last blogged a decent post... at least i feel it's been ages la.. but after such a long pause... no mood la... HOWEVER!!! (just finished my eng paper.. so now my england impLoofed so from BUT change to HOWEVER! :P i'm getting LAME! *blushes*) i will be goin to ipoh to visit my LOVELY (popo).. and then to PENANG with my SWEETIES!!! cant wait! til then, i PROMISE beautiful pics ya! ;)