Thursday, July 26, 2007


since Allie Mun likes the kids back home (i have no idea why... :P) i shall post up the LONG LONG time ago pics i took of them! =)

with that kinda smile that greets u each time u come home...

how to be upset after a stressful day le?

i love her! =)

spot the similarities!

yeng le???
(my bro did his hair)

this may sound weird to some (maybe MOST of you) but dont my brother look like their father? o.O


Anonymous said...

i love the kiddos! cuuuteee. enjoy your holidays, girly. have fun!

booo to the sicko for spamming your tagboard & cbox.

anyway, take care of yourself!


-dot- said...

:D thanks girl! u take care too ya!