Thursday, July 26, 2007

Could it be a TYPO?

did i mention i went for a conference?

INFLUENCE (that's the name of the conference) taught me quite a number of things, didnt regret going!=) i took notes! but lazy to type everything here la *lalala* :P

anyways... now to the juicy for you but embarrassing for me part...
we had this band that came from the Land Down Under named In Tone (i seriously think it was a typo which the publishing company made... their original name must have been In TUne!!! moving on...) to play for the nite concerts...

so yea... this was what happened... after the concert ended for the 1st nite... the lil girls were asking for pics with the band... so LEEZA FOO... talked me into getting a pic too! aihz... and so i DID! AIHS... in the name of BLOGGIN PURPOSES :P

but there's more!

see.. they had to go outside of the hall to the booth where their cds and shirts... so after the girls got their pic... i knew they were gonna leave... and this was wat happened...

in my animated voice... i told Leez... quick quick QUICK!

then one of them heard me and he looked at me, pointed towards the exit of the hall and said: "we're just goin there"

i believe all that stood by me could feel the heat coming out of my face when that happened!

and yes! for the sake of my readers... i gathered ALL the courage left in me (after such an EMBARRASSING moment) and got this pic!

there u go FOO! i did it! if u have anything else to add.. add it in the comment area la! but save me some face la! :P