Saturday, July 28, 2007

Misson-Have-Fun #1

it's OVER!!! (exams la! who so free to emo now? :P)

yesterday was a bummer... wanted to go watch Simpsons with the Gang after our paper (Joy, chemmy, joseph and Fei fei) but tak jadi... cause we were all tired la...

so thank God for best friends! and not forgetting Leeza Foo!!

we went for Simpsons today! :D

but before the movie... we saw something EXTRAORDINARY- a UFO spun around Foo's head!

hehe! she got her hair done at A cut above
(for more details, visit her blog la! -->)
okie! MOVIE time! (i may be writing nonsense cause my brains are half shut...)

Green Day!

the movie was good! very funny! i'd recommend u to watch it with a non-critical mind set la =)

we were starving by the end of the movie (oh ya! if u do watch it, do stay even if the credits are playing ya!) so we went to....

the pic said it all!

the pigs :P

em's peach waffle

my carbonara
(not that nice... cause it was very dry... and only certain parts kena the sauce...)
Foo's Strawberry waffle
will i go there again??
hmm... i'd think twice lo.. cause waffles aint really my thing..

oh oh! something i bought today (fine.. em bought it for me...)

it's called Cleeps!