Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i HEART chocolates!

my neighbor (the mom of the 2 boys and the baby girl) just came back from Germany and she got my family THIS...)
i always tot substituting LOVE with HEART is kinda... weird.. but stay tuned n u'll find out why i used HEART ere! =)
Ratatouille will so agree with me on this!
CHEESE chocs!
arent they CUTEE?

what do u see???
they may look a bit gross.... cause they are pretty similar with my fingers...
but they taste.... DROOL-LICIOUS!!!
the herbs in it... OOH LA LA!!!
if only the camera can capture the aroma and the taste of such exquisite sausages! :P


a) unwrappin LOVE...

1. Look at it with PASSION...

2. Face obstacles (here... the ribbon) with perseverance GENTLY (note: Love is FRAGILE, it hurts easily)

3. Never be skeptical of it (me? love milka? sure bo??? <--- such an attitude MUST GO!)

(note: Love NEVER lies; only jackass ppl do)

b) tasting LOVE...

1. Look at it ONCE MORE with passion, be prepared to melt along =)

2. hold it GENTLY in ur arms (if it's small in this case... fingers will do :P)
3. register the SWEET memory it has given you =)
no pics of the satisfaction of the consumer was taken cause she melted along with the choc into the stream of LOVE...
just when i tot the chocs are too precious to eat... cause of its limited amount... something told me... this CANT be it... there has to be MORE!!!
i LOVE French choc makers!!!
(yup! u got me right. Germany imported and distributed the chocs)
it's 2 layers of heart melting chocs!!!!
all the pleasure for the price of...
so cheap!!! dont u think so???
it's in Euros la! (multiply by 5, u do the math la)