Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gadgety Gadget

Presenting.... my NEW addiction! (wait... not that i had i before... :P)
it is zee game on me ko ko's phone! super time consuming cause i'll be totally glued to it! can play it for HOURS! *blushes*
yes! i aint no adventurous gal.. anything faster than this is MORE than i can bear :P
the game goes like this... u join as many bubbles of the same colors together by bursting bubbles in the way... and finally u burst the LONG CHAIN of bubbles! :D (well.. u've gotta determine which color of bubbles u want the chain to be la..)
DONT play play! HIGH SCORE le! it takes BRAINS k! :P
and yes... as a DECICATED blogger... one needs loads of pics! (even if it's as wu liao as the ones in this post :P) to have pics... u need a CAMERA! to get a CAMERA functioning... ah! to cut the story just-a-teeny-weeny-lil-SHORTER :P i got rechargable batteries!!!

-.- u thot i'm that dense huh!? of course i got the CHARGER too la! :P
it's called the MINI charger. so cute rite?? the rest are so bulky and not to mention EXPENSIVE!

so friends... get ready to be SNAPPED! :P