Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HapeE =)

"I will be with you"
this was what i got that made me decide to go for INFLUENCE (the FIRST ever Young Adult Conference :D)

see... the conference's on the 20th and 21st of July and my finals are on the immediate week!! so since my Human Motivation class' on Monday and Wednesday... i thot the paper will be on Monday... and i was afraid that i wouldnt have time to finish studyin...

but God is GREAT!!!

my lecturer said that our paper's on WEDNESDAY!!! *wooHoO!!!* Praise the Lord! :D

and today! (i mean Monday) had my quiz...
after 2 nites at FIRE UP (the conference i went for which i bloged about) and my fault for wasting time through out the week... i had to wake up at 8.30 am to STUDY!!! (this is RARE) but finally crashed at 10...

then at 10.30... alarm rang and Yue's msg came saying that my lecturer decided to give us only 10 MCQs and she scrapped the SAQs!!! (short answer Qs) altho i felt cheated that after all the last minute effort... the Qs were easy... *lalala* DONT shoot me! i know i shouldnt be complaning... *teehee* I'm UTTERLY greatful!!! :D

Thank You Jesus!!!