Monday, July 09, 2007

DON'T do such things!

quiz is a day away and someone throws a bomb at you, expecting u to WRITE A LETTER for some pathetic reason which is needed like THE DAY ITSELF!!
how do you feel? (write an essay no less than 1000 words! :P)

i cant and i WONT take such nonsense!!! (but this time exempted la.. cause i'm a SWEET DOT!)

what more! WRITE A LETTER??????

pls take note: the Dot HATES formalities! i HATE writing letters, i HATE writing reports! (unless a template is given and all i have to do is fill in the blanks :D but other than that... i HATE!!!)

so 2 things to learn about the Dot today:
1. dont give her LAST MINUTE work!
2. dont ask her to write letters or reports!

i was soO gonna bite someone's head off! thank God for parents! =)
they practically suited everything i asked for! :D ish! i should have asked for something bigger! :P