Sunday, July 08, 2007

not till the next millenium!

i missed it!!! i MISSED it!!!

see... i was supposed to blog bout the SEVENS... but i was studying in the afternoon... watching tv in the evening... in church at nite! tot i could still catch up with time before it struck 12... but I MISSED IT!!! (i have a GOOD reason la! i was soaking in His presence! and i LOVED it! no regrets! :D)

so yea.. altho i missed it.. i could change the time of my post... WAKAKAKAKA! but lazy la! :P

anyways!!! this was wat i wanted to say...

see... last year, on the 6th of June.. just in case u were born yesterday... and nobody told u it's 2007 now... last year was 2006...

the sixes were a big deal! some monkey even came up with a MOVIE.... about a boy... being satan's son... *rolls eyes*

now... it's the season of the SEVENS! but why didnt ANYBODY come up with a movie bout Heaven??? (u know.. 7 7 go to Heaven..)

what's my point? actually... at 2.30 am.. i dont really know! :P
it's somewhere around and something about making a movie... to tell people about GOD for a change! (but then again... knowing Hollywood... they mite just paint the wrong picture... *sigh*)

the Dot needs to sleep! zZz...

oh! btw... Section 2 aka Weekenders in Star talked about the SEVENS... like 7th July babies which of course made it big sometime thru out their lives... football players numbered 7, the 7 wonders..
then there's this part where it talked bout Tunku Abdul Rahman! his house number was 16! (u mite think... yea.. so?) 1+6=7!!! (again u mite think... yea.. so?? why is Dot so excited??) well... FYI!!! my birthdate's 16!!! wakakakakakka!

goodnite! :P