Sunday, July 08, 2007


*sizzle... SIZZLE*
dont you just LOVE the weekends? i know i always look forward to them! :D
what do you do during your weekends? i do what i do best... BUM! :P TV!! NAP!!
but this weekend is different... altho it isnt over... i have 1 more day to go... :D it impacted me!
it started Friday afternoon... (i shall speak as if it's Friday la k!)
there's gonna be a conference at nite, and there's gonna be QUIZ on Monday! ISH! so there i was STUDYING :D usually... i fall asleep... i sing... i day dream... but this time.. i said a short prayer.. i told God i wanted to go with an expectant heart, i wanted to RECEIVE!
and when it comes to God... do I ever get disappointed??
NEVER! (well.. u gotta know wat u're asking for la.. :D)
it has been a dry season for me... it felt as if i lost it.. i lost the enthusiasm.. i lost the joy.. i even lost the faith (when it comes to giving up my time)
my life just evolved around college... getting the A's, having fun... but when i'm alone, i know something's missing.
psychology has been something that i wanted to do... but after a year in the course... being bombarded with books, facts (so-called ones), quizzes, exams, assignments... it feels like i'm in this cloud of confusion..
before stepping into college life, pursuing psych.. i had ONE fear... what if the lecturers blacklist me because i dont agree with homosexuality? (that was the only example i could think of cause i'm a GOOD STUDENT :P) cause all the counsellors like Dear Thelma in Star papers say it's "OK to be GAY, u DONT have to care of what others say!"
i find that NONSENSICAL! so i concluded that i will stick to my beliefs and be a difference as a psychologist (in the future)
NOW! back to being in the cloud of confusion...
i took up Ethics last sem.. and that caused me to think.. maybe we should accept homosexuals, cause we're called to hate the sin, NOT the sinners... but that birthed another question... how far should the acceptance go?
THIS SEM: my lect told us that we should be neutral toward our clients and the issues they face, e.g. homosexuality. we musnt let our own opinions interfere with the way we treat our clients...
this got me to think... yea.. i should be professional.. BUT!! i'll be no different from Dear Thelma! but then again.. if i insist on following my beliefs... i mite lose my license as a psychologist! (this is the part where my leaders will think "oh dear.. we're losing Dot) be continued...
SEE! all these wouldnt have happened if we humans arent that crooked minded! (but this isnt what i'm bloggin bout)
... the continuation...
it was this weekend that blew the clouds away!
i may lose my license (that's if we're like docs and lawyers and we need license to practice.. i dunno.. so lets assume we need la.. :P) as a psychologist if i stick to my beliefs (which is.. if u still dont know.. HOMOSEXUALITY is PROHIBITED! GOD does NOT like it! It's in the BIBLE!).. so what?! SCREW the license! cause i wouldnt make it as a psychologist if it wouldnt be for God's hands! a line has to be drawn;
mark my words, (i mean seriously, if i dont keep to my word(s), slap me before i ruin lives!)
in the future, if a teen with sexual orientation issues comes to me, i will tell him/her that it's WRONG! simply because it's the TRUTH! what this World lacks is the TRUTH!
the past year has been so redundant, it was all about the datelines, the A's... i honestly lost the passion, the reason for me wanting to be a psychologist- all i wanted to do was to serve and be a vessel in His hands.
i stood there at the altar, thinking of what i wanted... i asked for something which i didnt know wat it was... i didnt even know if i received it... but now as i'm writing, it's all starting to make sense! =)
i've regained my passion, my direction!
so yea... what have i done this weekend? like i've said.. i went for a conference!

these are all the pics i have.. cause i forgot to bring my camera :P

the speaker was awesome... he was funny, but most of all, he gave us the TRUTH!

but neh.. i aint gonna give him all the credit cause he was only an available vessel in the Master's hands. (just like me! :D)

ALL Glory belongs to the Lord! =)

i've learnt lots more, but to sum it all up:

Some things just ARENT optional!