Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm A SURVIVOR!!! (part 4)

A Game of Charades
do u wanna try guessing what are the movies portrayed here? i could only remember some of the answers :D

Des- hint: AFRO CAT! (answer courtesy Ferdinand! his answer was CLASSIC!)
Joseph- excuse the obscenity... he got Moby Dick
Audrey- she's just CUTE!

Yvonne- thinking...

Joy's Titanic that somehow seemed like Passion of the Christ -.-"
Chemmy- Beauty and the Beast

Bani- Devil Wears Prada (yup.. that's the devil's face)
if u think this is funny... u should have seen Chemmy's Ghost of Ghost Rider (no pics cause my cam needed a rest- batt low)
spot the difference:
the Dot- Norbit
Thank God for connecting our brain waves! Yue got it in like less than a minute (i didnt know what else to do besides that)
Ferdi's FAT CAT- Garfield

Pierre- thinking
(p/s: i put thinking cause i cant remember what were the movie titles that they got la.. :P)

Sabrina- cant remember what was her title... can u remember gal?

Yue- i knew i gave her lots of difficult titles.. but she managed to pull off!
i cant remember this 1 tho :P

Part 1, 2, and 3 are still under construction :D


jokoo said...

hahahahahahaha aren't you glad you had some acting classes on fri (Rahab) before you went for camp?? teehehehehehehehe

-dot- said...

hahaha! goodness! i'd leave a LEGACY like how jolynn did if i had to act as a prostitute!!! :P