Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm A SURVIVOR!!! (part 5)

Groupies! and Pairies!
At the BEGINNING of our Journey into the JUNGLE!!

FIT chicks! (erm... that's Joseph-ine in Blue :P)
Hanging On

err.. see the tree trunk beside my face?? the RIGHT side of my face... it's the biggest trunk we saw in the jungle :D
but our camera man didnt know i wanted the tree included... hence all he got was the BAMBOO ><" Chemmy and I after crossing the stream

(p/s: most of the pics of the both of us are cam-whore pics cause we're the first 2 in line... and I am the camera girl lo... so bear with us la k! :P)
Joy and I taking a break after some ACTION PACKED stunts

Yue, I and Stream :P

Cam-whoring after the Journey (me is very happy that i went with a bunch of cam-whorers!!! they were super cooperative :D)

just when u think it's over... we've gotta hike the STAIRS back to our room!!!

the TORTURE continues

more stairs
just cant get enough of them... NOT!
this should soO be the promo for the Korean Drama Series...
STAIRway to Heaven!
FINALLY! the LAST flight up!

after all the torture... the pain... the jello-ness...
the Dot needed help in STRIPPIN *oops*
(lesson learnt: never wear well fitting, body hugging clothes when ur muscles are ACHING!)

GRUESOME and as Yue said... Yuckety YUCK images ahead!

there goes my sexAy legs! *pouts*

the Gruesome part... Pierre's blister.... OUCH!
he got them on both his feet.. but i find it too gross to put both pics... *shivers*
(p/s: Kids at home, always remember to WEAR SOCKS when u put on a shoe, especially when goin for an OBSTACLE COURSE)

Bruises courtesy of the Commando Crawl
I want my DADDY!!!
YES! i'm one MANJA kid and i'm PROUD to be one! :P
Abused Child (Yue)
this aint no joke k! we gave up sweat and blood, all for 20 marks!
Enuf pain.. back to beautiful people :P
as Sean Kingston sang: Beautiful Girls :D
Human Motivation Class Summer/07
Top, from left: Des, Bani, Yue, Joy, Chemmy, Dot, Sab, Audrey, Yvonne
Bottom, from left: Pierre (he got so phobic of blisters that he's now wearing socks even with slippers :P), Joseph, Ferdinand
(Matt's not in this pic cause he's not feeling well)
I'm Going HOME!!!
on our journey there.. i wanted a pic of the END of the Tunnel.. and the white light thingy... but thanks to my slow response and a bumpy ride... MISSION FAILED...
so this time... on our way back... i was PREPARED! however! thanks to the UNSER in front... aihs... but at least the pic turned out better than my 1st attempt :P

We WENT, we SAW,


darling said...

me is so proud of my darling :D

jokoo said...

oi! got any uner 18 readers a not??? NEED TO SENSOR la!!!! it's scary beyond all means!!!!..... my eyes!!! my eyes!!!!

arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... the horror!!!!!!

the belly button was the last straw!..... arrrggghhh.....
my eyes!!! hehehehe

-dot- said...

i'm proud of myself too! :D

jo: haha! i hope not! but the belly button not mine... it's Yue's :D

jokoo said...

ARRRRRGGGHHHHH my eyes my eyes....

kidding~ hehe

-dot- said...

hahaha! notti la u! :P