Friday, July 13, 2007

Sticks and Stones

There goes my BONES!!!
sei le sei le sei le!!! the Dot is about to face her uttermost FEAR!!! OBSTACLE COURSE!!!!
This is the END!!!!

tomorrow, the Dot will be goin for a motivation camp... AIHZ... these are just SOME of the TORTURING equipment that they'll be using against the Dot!

MOnkey bars...

some pathetic rope

tarzan swing??
wat kinda name is that?

-.- straight walk -.-

i should try CAT WALK on this thing! :P

so peeps, watch out for DOT the NEXT TOP MODEL! (that's if i dont fall.. *yikes*)

pls pray for me, this aint no drama.... but the Dot is REALLY FRAGILE! both mentally and physically when it comes to such obstacle courses...

Pls pray that my wonderful friends wont try to be funny (e.g. push me into some mud pool... or the water...) and make the Dot cry... cause i can soO foresee that happening...

also pray that the DOT does not get injured... did i mention that the Dot is VERY FRAGILE????

I NEED A HUG!!! :(