Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Real Food!

pls dont get me wrong, i'm greatful that there was food on our tables... but... my pampered taste buds just wouldnt allow these foods to enter my system!!! let the pictures tell you why...
these fishes reminded me of the picture in Star Paper... when they reported bout the DEAD fishes in CHINA!!!
the long beans were toO GREEN (uncooked kinda green)
the egg tasted like OIL..
the prawns... u cant even unshell them!
the cabbage... err... i guess that was the only edible and not health hazardous dish (that's if they didnt use pesticides on it and if they washed the vege *which i doubt they did... so yea...)
oh ya! 1 more edible thing.. the RICE!
i totally lost my appetite... had migraine... felt noxious... didnt even want to eat the junk food we brought! i craved for HOT milo.. but... there no hot water!!! ISH!!!
anyways... enuf of sad stuffs...
on the day i came home... Mommy suggested we go have a FIESTA! :D

Fried Rice never taste better!!!

Kung Po Lai Liu Ha
(it's that flat prawn thingy)
now for the highlight of the meal!
Crabs! (sweet, sour and spicy!)

MORE crabs! (salted egg)
WOOHOO!!! Crab Frenzy!!! (cheese)

add them all up and u'll get one SATISFIED girl! :D
my appetite's still a lil laggin... but it'll be back! :P