Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm A SURVIVOR!!! (part 1)

Goodness! so much to write and so MUCH to share!
the camp was really an experience! the company was good! that was basically it la.. cause the place we lodged... err... there's no place like home la... the FOOD! WHOA! i can DIE! (i'll show u in my coming post k!) the obstacle course... NEED I SAY MORE?? the water was FREEZING COLD!

to summarize the 2 days, i took 200 over pics! *teehee* and splitted this post into 5 parts! :D it wasnt easy to do this le! cause my connection tengah merajuk :( but it's all good now! :D

give me a choice.. i wouldnt wanna do the same activities, but i'll most certainly go with the same ppl!!! we do something else la k! :D

so here we GO! (pics are not exactly in chronological order cause i editted the order to make the parts flow :D) ENJOY! =) (btw... the captions might get lamer.. and u mite see repititions.. i'm sorry for the lack of creativity ya.. cause there are like MANY pics to write about... :D)


The End
(choi! where got so fast?? this was our 1st activity, the VIETNAM BRIDGE! we were the 1st few that made it across :D)
the Bridge wasnt like any wooden planked bridge... it only consist of ROPES!!! all we had were 3 ropes to walk on, the Instructor adviced us to step on the middle rope.. but i aint born to duck walk la.. so i stepped on 2! which was MUCH easier :P

(they were the ones screaming behind :P)
see see! see how the bridge looks like behind Audrey?

(our ROOM! does the number remind u of SOMETIHNG?? :P)

Yue and Sab making their bed

Dot the Buggie TERMINATOR!

*MUAHAHAHAHA* Dear BUGGIES! Ready or NOT here DOT comes!!

my prayers were answered!!! i only had to use the spray ONCE! to kill some flying bug la.. there were no lizards nor were there cockroaches!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

ya.. i felt a lil miserable cause i brought the whole can.. ready to send bugs flyin... but none of them showed up... so... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

the POISONED victim- Joy

*no individuals were injured in the course of taking these pictures :P*

nothing makes an ill girl happier than...




i knew something was on my mind.. but i couldnt recall what it was... :D

Dot after a HARD DAYS WORK!

to be continued...


jokoo said...

ops..... ada jantan dalam bilik??? perlu kah saya panggil PJK? kekekeke

WOOHOOO!! you were the bug terminator!! ME TOO!!!!
That's my girl!!! woohoo!!!!
I tot my cellies well.
HOW 2 KILL COCKROACHES 101.... hmmmm did i spell that right? (i tired ler)

-dot- said...

oh! no worries, the jantan was watched with the eagle eyes of his gf! so no worries :D

haha! God was the bug terminator la! we hardly saw ANY! PRAISE THE LORD!!! =)

yup! u got it right ;)