Monday, August 20, 2007

Mission-Have-Fun The ULTIMATE (Penang)


The Journey

presenting... SLEEPIN BUDDHA! (nick ooi)

he slept during most our journeys round the town!!!

Looking sweet...

eating SWEETS! :P

sense the HEAT?? :P

but after all the buildings and things we passed.... (keep scrolling down)

the PALAZZO- where we stayed... :D

KFC Bungalow!!! it's got this whole English architecture thingy goin on! nice eh? :D i soO wanted to go in and have a look... but the rest said: "SIAO AR! come penang eat KFC???" *pouts*
yue was super hyped on goin clubbing in Penang... so this was where she spent her happy... but in Penang.. it's called CRAZY HOURS :P
the girl with the goggles and the guy beside looks TOTALLY like Elaine and Ah Yung!!!

... this was how we looked like :P

TO THE FOOD my first meal in Penang! sweet mee goreng... was weird... but... =)
my sweeties a bit the cham la.. their first meal was BUNS AND MAGGIE...

Gurney Drive!
Prawn Mee

Fried Kuey Teow

si guo cha (direct translation: 4 fruit tea) it's a dessert la... this blue thingy was the priced piece cause it's TASTY and there are only 2 pieces in each bowl

STINKY sotong!!! it was TERRIBLE!!! i passed by the stall and my face changed! :S
Chemmy wanted to eat some... but cause she was sharing beds with Sab and i.. we said NO! :P


now for the up closed view: Curry Mee (in KL it's called curry laksa =) )

asam laksa!

prawn mee

breakfast on Sat morning...

SIU MAI and the same things stated above... cause those are like THE famous foods in Penang ma... =)
oh! this 1!! SOLIDIFIED PIGS BLOOD!!!!
Yue said it's only found in Penang... it's like toufu.. but it aint soya la.. it's BLOOD! she likes it! so i gave her the whole BLOCK! i just took the chipped off part :D had to try la.. after the 5 hour journey to Penang and i dont eat?? a bit sad rite?? :P

see... now that i've eaten it.. and wrote all that about it... my mom said Christians cant eat blood... well.. she aint sure la.. and now that she's mentioned.. i think i've heard of it before.. so KAWAN! JO! can verify ar??

then we had this Yummy-licious Fried Kuey Teow for TEA! :D actually late lunch la.. :D


while waiting for our tables to be filled with MORE food :P



me eating the solidified piggie's blood...

Chemmy posing with her noodles (i think it's curry mee)
across the table

from left: Elaine (birthday gal), ah Yung, Chemmy and Sab (blocking Joseph)

the Curry Mee gang!

from left: Sab, Dot, Yue and Nick (always sesat 1... never looks into the cam... even if he does.. his eyes are always CLOSED at the 1st shot! FAIL!)

teehee! all the guilty-but-innocent-wannabe faces after eating the ENTIRE Penang! :P

NITE 1 in Penang

we went to Batu Ferringgi for some CHEAP SHOPPIN! =)

where we had our DINNER =)
yue says this place serves very good lobsters! not forgetting it's cut throat price la...
while the rest were still doin their shoppin.. chem and i ate bananas... cause all the travelling stress and new THRONES got us constipated!!! =(

CHECK OUT the size of the bananas compared to our fingers!!! i ate the whole thing!
Chem and Sab each shared half...
guess who visited the toilet first? :P :P