Monday, August 20, 2007

Mission-Have-Fun The ULTIMATE (Penang)

Part II

well... we cant always be looking at the cam ma... and purposely looking away from the cam is so been-there-done-that... so we decided to do...

Seemingly Candid Shots :P

Bubbles by the pool =)

me acting cool...

and Joseph flicked water towards me... had to flick cause if he just pushed the water... he'll be DEAD for spoiling my cam :D

there... my sweeties trying to do synchonize swimmin...

takin their bow... hehe!
busy eating

*do keep in mind that those pics were just SEEMINGLY candid :P

Daytime at Leisure Cove (where we stayed)

say BUBBLES! =)
these girls ar.. esp Yue! when i said i was bringing the bubble thingy... she say so kiddie... now LOOKS WHO'S the KID! :P

our trademark =)

Saturday Morning! Elaine's Birthday!!! :D
Night Time at Leisure Cove
*AHEM* YUE! mana lu letak ur hand ar??? :P
FUNKEES! the junk we (girls vs guys) fought for to survive on
hehe! Zig Zag moustache :P
Yue joined the craze and we've got zig zag EYEBROWS! :D
Captain wannabe and his co-pilot COOKING instant noodles for us! =)
Outside Queesbay
if u ever go to Penang and u are from KL... dont bother goin shoppin there la... it's like MidValley... and if u are like me.. that doesnt like MV... DONT GO!!!
1 bad experience... we went to Coffee Bean thinkin Starbucks would be nearby... the boys were at starbucks... but... it WASNT! so we asked the guard... mana Starbucks? he was outside of the mall la... so he lifted his index finger... pointed towards only HE KNEW WHERE!!! and said... HUJUNG SANA!!! i was hungry already that time... my stomach nearly dropped out!
so yea... the mall's really no biggie... if u wanna see Penang.. go visit the tourist attractions... =)
after many hours of shoppin in the building... we went outside for some cam-whoring! :D
our trademark AGAIN! =)

the wind there was KENG! i felt like i was being pushed!
reenact-ion of Titanic... SAD!!!