Monday, August 20, 2007

Mission-Have-Fun The ULTIMATE (Penang)

Part III
i'm so lazy to put captions la!!!

this is a crispy-licious ah pung (so cute rite the name :D) it tastes like egg rolls =)

us having supper at Gurney Drive

from left: me, Chemmy. Ah Yung, Joseph then we headed to the TORCH for some SMOKE!!!
this was THE MOST smoky place i've been to!
no... the dot does not contaminate her lungs with rubbish... but the ppl hanging out here do!
it was so bad that i got immuned to it to a point that when i was out in the open with FRESH AIR... i breathed out SMOKE! not literally... but i could taste the smoke i breathed in when i breathed out!!! dont understand what i'm saying?? go to a club and breathe like normal for an hour! then u'll know!
i'll soO NEVER go to such places again!
but i wasnt a spoilt sport la... it's not only my holiday, it's my friends' too! despite the smoke.. i had to suck it in and have fun too!
we played pool =)
mei mei sapu-ed chem and i kau kau.. so we decided to do what we do better la... CAM WHORE! :P

went back that nite for a good SHOWER!!!
speaking of showers... God is soO GOOD! we (sab chem and i slept at the master bed room... it has a bathroom... but 1 sad thing.. the heater wasnt really working (or so we tot) so... some1 bathed 1st which i forgot who... she had to bathe in cold water... then it was my turn... i was like... AIYO... the water is FREEZING!!! so i decided to pray! (not the all on my knees kinda prayer... just a sweet and short 1) and guess what??? WARM WATER came! and to prove that we serve the same God, Elaine prayed too and she got warm water too!!! thank You Jesus! =)
so yea... back to showering that nite... i tot of just washing my hair with water... but NOOOOO.... i was SMOKING!!! (emitting smoke to be exact) i smelt like a cigarette myself! had to clean myself thoroughly (which i'm glad i did =) )

after showering, we had a few games of UNO... and we slept at 4!
i slept like a DEAD LOG and got up at 10 when mei mei called =)

showered for the last time... packed... and went for lunch with Elaine and her family =)

while waiting for our food

food's ere!
clockwise from 12 o'clock: Kangkung fried with Belacan, Long beans (i think), Otak-otak (this was uber-licious! it didnt have a speck of fishy-ness in it =)), meat or was it chicken in STOUT sauce (teehee! Elaine's parents ordered it! not our fault :P another YUMMY-licious dish), Japanese toufu and right smacked in the middle of the table, seaweed soup!

hehe! this is the RIGHT size

u didnt think that was the actual size of the serving for 12 ppl didnt u??

the amount of rice the Dot ate! for the FIRST time in DOT HISTORY!how did the Penang ppl managed to make her do that? 2 words... because the food there was


group pic with Elaine

i'm so proud of her lil bro! he got this pic BEAUTIFUL =)


i soO wanted all of us to spell P-E-N-A-N-G but... no one knew how to do G... so we did this only lo! :P


look at all our chan (worn out) faces... this is better! :P
one of those buildings that resemble KLCC

p/s VINCENT PANG: if u still read my blog... i'm no longer a noob in takin pics! i took this when the bus was movin! a few more pics were taken when the vehicle i was in was movin :P

taken while we were on the Penang Bridge
once again... our very own sleepin buddha in action
his comrade! (mei mei) the light of CIVILIZATION!!!
taken when we we're back in KL... it was drizzling

ooh ooh CHECK THIS OUT!!! the 3 of us (chem, yung and i) have the SAME phone!
this aint the 1st time we found out we have the same phone la... but this is the 1st time we have our phones together with MY cam! teehee! hence this PIC :P