Monday, August 20, 2007

Mission-Have-Fun The ULTIMATE (Ipoh)

i forgot to post these pics! *teehee*

first trip to Penang wasnt that productive...
we cousins got hungrier as the clock ticked... so...
we had Maggie Mee!!
i had to cook la.. cause cousin still young ma... but he did the dishes! *wakakakaka* :P

a few mornings later...
we had DIM SUM!! woohoo!
Wu Kok (Yam Ball? with meat inside :D)

DIM SUM! (soO lame! :P)

lo mai kai :D
popo attacking the lo mai kai :D
popo kong kong and me at kong kong's old folk's home =)
he's healthy, Praise the Lord!

we ta pau-ed this from the dim sum shop, it's CURRY BUN! but where's the curry?
tada! oops! i mean...

Aunt made pita (is that how u spell it?) bread with tuna for lunch- Yummy-licious! =)
on the same day for dinner... the MAIN dish was...
A-B-A-L-O-N-E :D
on my last nite in ipoh, i finally got to check out Tong Sui Street (a friend told me this place has supper... but the supper i was lookin for was... MAMAK la! -.-")
i was at TONG SUI street... so naturally the food i will eat is TONG SUI (dessert) la!
UNFORTUNATELY... the only tong sui they served... which i liked was BARLEY with Ginkgo (it's the same as GINGKO), which i already had in the afternoon!!!! -.-" -.-"
but it was all good cause i managed to experience nite life in IPOH! =) the entire street was filled with ppl! coolness!
next up: PENANG 2! :D