Monday, September 03, 2007

25 minutes

upon the silent request of my sweetie Sab and maybe other readers of mine :D
the Dot endured rain... and JAM!!! to get you the pictures below. not forgetting the God i have that's ever so faithfuL!!! the weather on Sun was GLOOMY! it rained thru out the day... so what were the chances of us gettin to see FIRE in the RAIN? hence.. i PRAYED!!! (it was raining on our journey there at 8... but by 10... the rain STOPPED!!! PRAIS THE LORD!!!) A MIRACLE took place for this post to be POSSIBLE! soO ppl.. READ IN APPRECIATION!!! *teehee*

i have a lil confession before we begin... i took 300 pics... and only 20 turned out nice... *blush*
EH!! U TRY TAKING PICS OF FIREWORKS WITH MY CAM LA!!! see what can u get! *teehee*
it wasnt easy.. i took 300 cause i used the BURST mode... which i didnt know is super sensitive... so... MANY turned out blur... BUT!!! no worries! these chosen ones are really PRETTY! :D

do click for the enlarged version ya! :D

the Golden Rain thingy that i likee! (well... it's way more romantic when u see it with ur own eyes la... my cam couldnt capture the RAIN... -.-) *ahem* i know u mite be like.. err.. LIKE THAT ALSO NICE AR??? pls SCROLL DOWN!
TADA! better rite? :D
i like this pic :D
p/s: the pics mite seem lopsided cause u dont really know where will the fireworks appear... hence ignore the backgroud k! :D
i say this is nice cause it's SPECIAL! it's like a UFO :D

(i'm soO proud of my cam! it actually captured the PURPLE part too!! *i couldnt see the purple part in my cam's screen) Jo! u likee??? :D
this was how it opened...
what's more BEAUTIFUL than a supernova??
a BIGGER supernova!!! :P

MORE Golden Rain (err.. the names are given by Dot ya... i dunno what are its REAL names :P)
it's RAINING! :D
Shooting Stars =)

somehow i like the red ones :D they just look PRETTY!
and the purple ones look special too! =)

this looked like stars when all that's left in the sky was it's bits
To let u know roughly what sort of fireworks were played last nite.. i added POTENTIALLY nice pics too! :P

i think this looks small cause i forgot to zoom in *shy*

this would have been PWEETEE if it wasnt blur *blushes*

this toO! *lalala*
this is very CNY-ish :D ANG PAU!!!

u BORED yet? i know i was... cause the fireworks last nite wasnt as pretty as the one done by Japan.. and they called last nite a FINALE! i mean... shouldn't it end with a BANG??? they didnt even have a PROPER FINALE for the finale!!! *pouts*
there were no shapes... no double color-changing ones... *double pouts*

HENCE... being the EVER SO CREATIVE DOT that I AM... i decided to spice things up!
this one MUST click for the enlarged version ya! :D

i super like this 1!!! it's got the whole Valentine's Day feeling!
TADPOLES!!! (what u thinkin ar???)
lil HEARTS <3>
dont they look like lil birds flyin home??

more HEARTS! =)
YOU! add the pic above and this and u get.... LOVE YOU! *MUAX*

*actually the pics turned out as seen cause my hands moved while taking the pics... but they turned out accidentaly WELL rite? :P*

Daddy said... the camera person is the one that gets to enjoy the LEAST because he/she can only see what others see through the screen of the camera...
i cant deny that yes... i see less... but there's this satisfaction i get when i capture a GOOD pic! and i get to share it with YOU! 2-1 so... i will CONTINUE capturing BEAUTIFUL moments with my trusty camera! =)


jo said...

Michael Learns to Rock sang a song entitled 25 minutes. right? right?

you should upload the song too to this entry. = P

-dot- said...

haha! i put the title cause of the song! :D yup! they sang it! but that song emo la.. and i dunno how to post songs in my blog :(