Saturday, September 15, 2007

Monkey Business

i've finally found some use in FaceBook- GAMES!!!
but it was pretty notti of me la.. suppose to have quiz the next day... yet i played til 2am *teehee* ANYHOW!!!

it was FUN!
how to play? basically BUILD TOWERS... (with the money collected from bursting balloons- each burst balloon is $ 1) to stop the balloons from escaping the maze :D
here i died at level 29...
see the monkey like creatures??? they are the DART towers (the cheapest) and the canons are BOMB towers (2nd most expensive) :D
2nd attempt.. i died at level 39...
see! the balloons are uber FAST! reds being the slowest... u know what?? y dont u facebook owners go knock urselfs out! it's FUN! super addictive! :P

and finally!!!
i got to buy SUPER MONKEY!!! it can shoot arrows NON STOP!! and it costs $4000!!! imagine how many balloons i had to burst... while having to build more dart towers to secure my maze!!!

ROUND 49 babeh!!!
see the white-egg-like-balloons??? they contain black (which contains) yellow (which contains) green (which contains) blue (which contains) RED balloons!!! so can u imagine the speed and the AMOUNT of balloons i or should i say my monkeys have to burst before removing them from the maze??? :D
VICTORY IS MINE!!!! *muahahahahaha*