Wednesday, September 12, 2007

GoodBye vs Sorry

Which is harder to say, Goodbye or Sorry?
The most DREADED DAY of September has finally come...

at 8.15 in the morning...

we ANTIQUES gathered once more... before leaving for KLIA, we had breakfast at Melur
the Dot payin for parking! my very FIRST time! :D

*teehee* TRAFFIC LIGHT!!!

was it planned???

like DUH!!! :P


Em and the Traffic Light :P
Em and the 4S & 5S (o4'-o5') buddies =)

Em and the CELLIES =)
Em and the ANTIQUES :P
BESTIES! =) i'll miss u gal!!! *muax*

Prezzie-from-church givin ceremony!
Prayin for Em and her mom =)

THE moment!
the Departure

so DID the Dot cry???

i just had to suck it in la! =) and with the remaining ANTIQUES with me... (they were all EMO-ed) BUT!!!

... lets just say... we braved thru THE moment together! :D

World's BEST Airport le!!! BANGGA!!!

1 down, 1 more to go! :( stay tuned for MORE...

*teehee* the MUST do when i go to KLIA! Pay for parking! (as in put the money into the machine la... we share the parking fees)
RM 10 would be the usual MAX note we'd put in... reason? 1) the parking has never exceeded RM 10 la... 2) we dont have that big a note in our pockets :P
but this time... i had!!! *Praise the Lord!!* so...

...being ever so CURIOUS... we tried using RM 50 to pay for the parking fees :D (Yeem paid another 50 cent to round up the change)
RM 50 + RM 0.50 - RM 6.50=

EIGHT RM 5s and EIGHT 50 cent COINS!!!
was about to sit for Quiz at 1... so while i was STUDYIN on our journey back...
SOME PPL cam-whored with my cam... WITHOUT ME!!! -.- hehe! :P
click to enlarge the pic below for a clearer view!
Yen hit 130km/h!!!
see... on our journey to KLIA... we were UBER SLOW!!! the car didnt seem to have the power... so we wondered... WHY AR??? then the ANSWER came!!

4 passengers were sitting in the backseat... BUT!!!
Notice the DIFFERENCE???
hint: the passenger FURTHEST to the RIGHT of the pic!!
what does this mean? you go figure la k! :P
Dot's Thot:
Sorry is hard to say because of EGO;
whereas Goodbye is HARDER to say because of LOVE

Love You, Emily Wong!!!