Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Apartment

Em's farewell-Part 1

Jo Lynn
we went in two cars... from Jay's car.. i got Jo's car!

if u are wondering... the apartment? WHAT apartment? WHOSE apartment??? like how Daniel wondered... FAIL! :P

TADA!!! it's a restaurant at the Curve =)

so what's so special about it???

its SETTING! i lovee this chandelier! it's soO long! =)
remember the vid u saw a few posts ago?? i told u bout the lighting rite???
THIS! was the lamp that provided the light we had thru out dinner -.-

a book shelf that was at the UPPER part of the WALL!!! not very cool... but CREATIVE =)
a candle-lamp thingy :D
a BATHROOM!!! people could actually sit there to MAKAN!

it would have been so cool if the tables (at that area) were made like basins and the chairs... TOILET BOWLS!!! :D

lets take a peek into the MENU of The Apartment

actually i couldnt remember the names of the food la... :P
oh oh! i can remember this 1 cause it's what i ordered :D it's called BEEF ROCKET! yummy-licious!
Em and Jolynn's Fish
Daniel's Chicken Pocket i think...

this was YUMMY too! =)
Yue suggested this! Baked Chocolate Pudding!!! I LOVE!!!! *drools*
Em and Jolynn's Chocolate Mousse- Heavenly too!!! =)


Daniel's Raspberry something... it's kinda fizzy... REFRESHING! =)

and for those of you that are on a tighter budget... and dont fancy colorful cocktails... or drinks...
u can always order H20! :D they even added some color to make water look TASTIER! :P

OH! altho this looks like a DREAM place to live in... with the nice ambience and good food... i have to warn you... the Apartment is kinda...

do you see it??

NONSENSE la! Liz was the *ahem* in the pics above! the EFFECT was created ACCIDENTLY by my camera! so cool eh? :D

Beautiful people of the nite =)

from left: half-faced Jo, Amanda, Em, Dot, Liz, Jo Lynn and Jolynn (notice the use of in the two DIFFERENT names??)
Dot and the JoS (1 more Jo was MIA)

SCANDALOUS ACTS (*teehee* our sitting area was a BEDROOM... 2 girls on a BED-like sofa... *teehee*)

*do not be envious of our LOVE k! :P*

Dot's Moments
My Beef :P
hehe! the spoon in my hands was for a dessert ordered by Jo and Amanda (which i forgot to upload) it was a super tall glass of FRUITS! and other stuffs la...
so yea.. check out the length of the spoon! :P

it could even reach the UNREACHABLE!!! :P


1st there were the GIRLS...
then came someone with IDENTITY CRISIS!!
and FINALLY... everyone decided to join in! :D
we were supposed to look scary... but Jolynn's scary face... aih... :P

scary face Jolynn!! SCARY FACE!!!
now that's MORE LIKE it! :P

i bet until now u arent sure of the people that went... and how many of us were there... so let us do a...


Jay Sonn- 0
Liz- 1
Jo Lynn- 2

Amanda- 3
Dot the DRAMA QUEEN :P- 4

Jolynn- 5
Jo Koo- 6
Daniel- 7
Sandra- 8
Grace- 9

and last but NOT least!!! the most KAWAII pic i took the ENTIRE nite!!!

Emily- 10!!! (she was shy... so we got Jo and Amanda to accompany her) this pic is CLASSIC!!!)
MORE Dot's Moments :P
so cute eh the chair? it's a mousedeer thingy! :D
after dinner.. we went for a lil SHOPPIN =) and we gave Em her farewell GIFT

CUTE le!!! it's a PINK BEANIE :D
Almost leavin... :P