Friday, September 07, 2007

ol' skool =)

Em's Farewell Part 2!

from plan A to plan B and finally plan Z!!! we made it to Sushi King Pyramid :D

I have gathered my antiques to show u in FIVE STPES on HOW sushi should be eaten... :P


always check to make sure u got the RIGHT bottle of sauce...
cause there's the salty one and the sweet one...
STEP #2- to check if sushi's fresh for the day... smell it's cover... (just in case if it's bad... at least u can POLITELY return the sushi instead of VOMITTING all over it!! :P) the cover should smell sushi-like... *notify the staff if u smell something TERRIBLY FISHY :P

err.. this pic was just for fun :P
STEP #3- Japs use chopsticks, do practice your chopsticks skills before attempting to eat in a sushi restaurant... no forks and spoons allowed!!! :P
it's only POLITE to eat the ENTIRE piece of sushi with just ONE mouth! NO MATTER how big the piece of sushi is!
teehee! last but NOT least...
step #5- ENJOY!!!

pictures above are taken before the main courses were served... :P
carol's and dot's- grilled UNAGI :D
Yeem's Salmon
Yen's beef
EMILY WONG!!! this girl... sore throat still order BLACK PEPPER udon! -.-

Carol's side order- Soft shell crab california roll...
we had sushi's too... but too busy talkin la.. so didnt take as many pics :P


Dot Carol and Yeem
clock wise from top- Liie, Pui Yee, Yeem, Carol, Dot, Em

these mangkuks ar... all wear black also didnt tell me... and julia! -.-
Dot and Antiques =)
KISSY Carrere! with Pui Yee at the back

Pui Yee
Yen and KISSY Carrere that just CANT get enuf of ME!! :P
Julia! we're the happy ones! the rest all Emo-ing.. hence the BLACKS!!! :P
the WATAK UTAMA of the day... EM!! =)

the CHRISTMASSY-CHEERIE mood ppl and Em...
the Goths and Em! (unfortunately she joined them...)

*ahem* the pics u are about to view... are uber SS-fied... u may choose to NOT scroll down any further... DONT say i DIDNT warn you!!!
we were at Sushi King from 8-10... Pyramid was closed by then.... walkin in a closed mall... is... BORING!!! so... NEED I SAY MORE??? :P
Then at the car park...
came a RED HOT car... what are girls with cameraS and LOADS of CAMWHORING experiences to do????
*ngek ngek ngek ngek*
*blushes* NOT!!! :P
after sending the girls off to the other side of the car park.. it was our (carol, yeem and dot) turn to go to our car... so we went back into the mall *ladilada* with of course OUR cameraS... *ladilada* and...

this one not i SS ar... Yeem got struck with this pic-takin frenzy that she ran down the escalator just to get a pic of MOI!!! so shweet rite?? :D (unfortunately my eyes were closed... but i still look HOT!!! *watcha gonna do??? it's MY blog!! :P*

FINALLY... the last pic of the nite...


i'm glad we met up!!! it's been AGES since ALL of us ANTIQUES gathered!!!

it wasn't that much of a farewell... it was more like a time of catching up! it was uber fun! (altho i may REALLY be black listed in Sushi King :P)

more GOODBYES comin up! (i dunno what emoticon should i put here... it's a mixed feelin if u know what i mean...)